Welcome to the brand spanking new Convicted Fate Website.

Posted by justinreichdesign@gmail.com Category: News

Website? Whats that? You mean Facebook?

Nope, this one is pretty rad. Show countdowns, photos, videos, blog posts and links to all those fancy social sites we all hold so dear, all in one place so you don’t have to hunt and peck to see whats going on with us.

So far things have been kicking off to an amazing start. With 3 shows on the horizon which will be announced soon, our new single “Get Up” which is taking tons of positive feedback and an awesome photoshoot with our friend Michael Kimel, vibes are good and the music and whiskey are flowing.

Will have a music video coming up soon for “Get Up” plus some more fun surprises along the way. Stay in touch and be good out there.

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